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Ekhi Gold Chocolates – Bonbon totally covered in gold

Already in the year 2014 we began this journey full of dreams and illusion. We wanted to produce an extraordinary chocolate that nobody dared to produce. Hence the idea of ​​creating our chocolate, an authentic qualified origin chocolate with a lot of personality, totally covered in gold.

With a patented method, we have managed to merge perfectly two of the most revered and desired millennial treasures in the world.

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My name is Juan Mari, and I was born in Bera. This small village in the Navarre region of the Basque Country is where I was raised, and it was here that I discovered my passion for chocolate.  As a child, I spent all my free time watching my parents work in their confectionery, marvelling at how they worked with chocolate. I learnt how such unique products could be made and   little by little, I fell in love with this profession.

In the quest for my own artisanal design, I found inspiration one day in a beautiful sunset in Socoa, on the French coast of Aquitaine. Captivated by the beauty of the most enchanting sunset I’d seen in my life, I wanted to immortalise that feeling through my chocolates and I’m delighted with the result.


To pay homage to that inspiring sunset on the coastline of Socoa, I decided to name my chocolates EKHI, the name the locals give to the sun in that incredible region.


Gold and cocoa

Two symbols of power and wealth. In many civilizations that had contact with the cocoa and gold, we will see that they have a direct relationship with their gods and from immemorial ages to the present. They are still objects of desire. This is what we offer: The perfect marriage of wealth power and history.

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